How to make Shirts and Pants

May 17, 2008

To make Shirts and pants in ROBLOX first you have to be in BC (Builders Club).  Then you go to create on shirt or pants and click the template.  When you get to the page with the template save the template into your computer and use a paint program to edit your shirt or pair of pants.


Interview with Jangofettt

May 17, 2008

 In roblox he loves to make stuff for people to come use and for people to send him messages saying nice place . The one thing that he would really like roblox to do is for them to make user made hats and he knows that they have already said that it is hard to do but he knows how and knows everything already so that is why .He found roblox over a year ago causw a friend said that he was playing on this cool game and made him an acount his old acount was masterwold but that acount he did not like so he made this one and he has been jango. He joined roblox because he loves legos and this is just legos but better and he had a small bet with his bro that he said that he would be board of this game in one month but one year later and he thinks he won.

Interview with Hankyyarbo

May 16, 2008

His favorite thing to do on ROBLOX is tobuild and drive planes! Also he would like roblox to have hair. He was playing runescape and someone said”you sould really try ROBLOX,so he watched the little video and he thought it would be fun. Hes going to join builders club mabye this week.

Interview with 3000cLOnEs

May 16, 2008

his favorite thing to do are make stuff. Also in the future he would like Roblox allow you to change your Robloxians face.  Also his friend Kittyman1995 told him about ROBLOX and he decided to sign up.

Interview with Zanderman

May 16, 2008

He likes places with lots of killing, maybe some things like plane fights… and he loves building most of all.  His favorite hat is the astronaut helmet.  Also he said ROBLOX should fix the updating problem he says it makes him update over and over and never works.  He says he was on Battledawn and he saw a link to ROBLOX and started getting into Roblox.

Now im am Interviewing

May 16, 2008

I now interview people if you would like an interview comment in this post you must have a username on ROBLOX.

Roblox trailer

April 10, 2008